NSBSL Billiards 2018-19


League Rules

The name of the league shall be the NSBSL Billiards 2018-19, hereafter known as the league.

The league is a team league for Billiards.
It will consist of 1 division of 6 teams.
Teams will play each other 6 times over a total of 30 weeks.

Each match will consist of 3 frames.
There will be 3 frames of singles.
Matches will be played in sessions of 3 frames.
All 3 Frames shall be played.

Points will be awarded to each team as follows:
1 for each frame.
A frame total bonus will be added to the team score.

League table positions will be determined by the following order:
First Points.
Then Frames for.

Individual player positions will be determined by the following order:
% won.
High break.
Players must play in 10% of their team's matches to qualify for inclusion in the player stats.

The following data will also be recorded to award individual performances:

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